Did you ever go  overseas, maybe to Bali, to experience the water parks and resorts.Oh, the food is mouth watering , anything will do.Then there’s the beach, nice and warm, one of the most beautiful sites of Bali.

Why don’t you shop till you drop at the hawkers mall or shopping mall, also not so far away.There is always Taxi’s available whenever you need one. YOU’LL feel like a millionaire once you convert all your South African Rands to Rupiahs. 500 rupiahs are equivalent to 50 South African Rands.

The temperature can go over 40 Degrees Celsius, due to volcanic eruptions. Take caution not to take a hotel close to the volcano.

If you need to relax their are plenty of masseuse available at the hotel or along side the road, to different destinations.

Be sure to pack a good pair of sandles;a water bottle for clean spring water, attainable at shops near you and light clothing and enough money to buy tin fish and other items.


A Trip To Bali

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