Imagine how embarrassing it is when you go alone on a trip or consult a travel agent, when  he/she does not know anything about getting a visa and passport at home affairs for you and your loved ones.  Identity documents and travel tickets are not  all you need  to travel abroad, this is according to Christiaan Steyn, marketing manager of Drifters Adventours.After publicizing about our beautiful country abroad, he recently discovered that people are not well educated when travelling overseas.They are left to stand in queues like us, then, when it is their turn they are rejected entry into another country. Next time speak to home affairs about a reliable travel agent. No foreign currencies results to low rand exchange.


Do you need a visa to travel outside South Africa?

Yes. Outside meaning  Africa and overseas.

What is a Visa?

It is a permit to allow a person to stay for  a certain amount of days in a country. Home affairs will give you needed forms to complete at a fee. A visa can expire too, so you do need to renew your visa, whenever you need to when travelling to other countries.

Who or what is Home Affairs?

It is a group of people that helps the general public and foreigners to gain access to other countries. It also a place where you can get an ID(Identity Document) ; passport and a visa when you decide to travel abroad. All three documents are essential when travelling overseas.

What are e-visas?

An electronic –visa, which you can gain access to, using the internet.

What is the website of Home Affairs?






Killing South Africa from inside

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