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Honeymoon Ideas

Great Domestic Honeymoon Ideas

Category : Travel Tips

Some great local honeymoon ideas

Honeymoon Ideas

Are you engaged? Did you get married recently? Either way, you’re in luck! South Africa offers an abundance of thrilling, romantic honeymoon destinations.

Whether you prefer rustic countryside comfort, sitting in the lap of luxury or going on an adventure that will get your blood pumping, there’s bound to be something that you and your spouse will enjoy. 

First, however, remember the most important factor in any relationship: communication! In order to ensure that your honeymoon is both fun and memorable, it’s vital that the two of you sit down and discuss what you actually want out of this experience.

Compare your preferences and your expectations. Maybe he wants to get away from the fuss and buzz of the big city. Maybe she wants to treat herself to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Obviously, compromise will be required here and there, but with some careful planning, you should be able to formulate a vacation that will give you both equal opportunities for relaxation and/or excitement. In addition, take a moment to think about whether either of you has any particular phobias that might impact your plans – for example, if he admits that he’s terrified of insects, maybe avoid locations deep in the countryside, and if she admits that she’s scared of heights, maybe don’t go skydiving. 

When that’s done, it’ll be time to consider your options. One delightfully romantic destination that has attracted millions of local and international honeymooners is Kruger National Park, South Africa’s oldest national park and one of the biggest on the continent.

A diverse, sprawling ecosystem, Kruger offers you and your loved one the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world while sleeping in comfort at any one of hundreds of luxury accommodations. Bear in mind that when you visit a place like Kruger, a key factor in your level of enjoyment is the weather you’ll be encountering, so choose your season carefully. 

Another location that might appeal to outdoorsy newlyweds is Cederberg. Here, you can stargaze while snuggling together under a blanket.

Honeymoon Ideas

The Cederberg Astronomical Observatory has been operating since the 1980s and allows any visitor the chance to gain a greater appreciation of the wonders of our cosmos and the scientific achievements that have allowed us to uncover its mysteries. Again, timing is important – if you have the bad luck to arrive on an overcast night, you won’t see much! In addition, take care to pack appropriate clothes; summer days here get intensely warm and winter nights get intensely chilly. 

On the other hand, maybe the two of you want to explore our big cities together. If that’s the case, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of divinely romantic hotels and restaurants.

In Cape Town, Compass House in Bantry Bay will give you an enchanting sea view. Delaire Graff Estate in Stellenbosch invites you to roam through lush vineyards.

Planning Your 2020 Vacation

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Holiday dates and how to make the most of your time off

It might seem strange to consider booking your 2020 vacations in January – after all, we just got done with the December holidays! But the fact of the matter is that every single aspect of travel becomes easier when you plan it long in advance. Deciding where you want to go early in 2020 means that you’ve got more time to spend looking for deals, clearing your work schedule, coordinating meetings with your friends and family members, saving up for special vacation clothes, finding someone to look after your pets, and so on. 

So do yourself a favour and get started early. Ask yourself what you want out of this new year. How much time do you want to take off? What’s your dream destination? Are you going to need a new bathing suit? And, of course, what’s your budget going to look like? 

Before you answer those questions, you’re going to need to know what the school year looks like. Here’s a handy guide:

  • 15 January – schools open
  • 20 March – end of Term 1
  • 31 March – start of Term 2
  • 12 June – end of Term 2
  • 7 July – start of Term 3
  • 18 September – end of Term 3
  • 29 September – start of Term 4
  • 2 December – end of Term 4

And here’s a guide to all our upcoming public holidays:

  • 21 March – Human Rights Day
  • 10 April – Good Friday
  • 13 April – Family Day
  • 27 April – Freedom Day
  • 1 May – Workers’ Day
  • 16 June – Youth Day
  • 9 August – National Women’s Day (the holiday will be on Monday, 10 August)
  • 24 September – Heritage Day
  • 16 December – Day of Reconciliation
  • 25 December – Christmas Day
  • 26 December – Day of Goodwill

Of course, you should be aware that life is unpredictable, and you may find yourself unable to take advantage of the holiday time available. You may find that a close relative gets sick and is unable to travel or you may get a promotion that requires you to work longer hours. These things happen. So it’s best to have one or two contingency plans. When you book a flight, check to see if you’re allowed to cancel it or delay it – you might save yourself a lot of money. Consider purchasing our cancellation and refund policy insurance that would allow you to cancel or change your dates of travel.

Another smart thing to do is to keep your friends informed about what you’ll be doing in 2020. You might need them to look after your cat or help you out if there’s a crisis and you’re not home to deal with it. 

If you’re planning to travel abroad, remember to make sure your documentation is all organised well in advance and that you’ve sorted out international roaming for your cellphone. (About that – here’s a useful article about minimising the damage when it comes time to pay your phone bill: You’ll also want to ensure that the area you’re travelling to is safe for tourists and that you take sensible measures to protect yourself and your possessions. 

On the other hand, don’t forget that there are hundreds of wonderful travel destinations right here in South Africa.

Do you like outdoor activities? Maybe this could be the year you visit Cape Town and learn to surf. Or, perhaps, you could fly to Limpopo to bicycle around Mapungubwe National Park, one of our country’s most ancient and famous historical sites. Or maybe you prefer to remain indoors, in which case consider checking out what’s on this year at our theatres, art galleries, and museums. Or maybe you’re a social sort of person and would enjoy attending a music festival, expo, or a short summer class. 

There are so many options available to you! Don’t let the year pass you by without exploring them. 

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A Trip To Australia Perth


Have you ever been overseas, maybe to Australia Perth to experience the water parks, outdoor activities and indoor activities. Boy,oh boy, you’ll never be bored here.

Different Cuisines that will knock your socks off and there’s also take-out to to chill those taste buds,lol.

The weather ranges from 35-over 43 Degree Celsius. Cry for ice-cream every time, “Gelato” has it all.

Always remember to pack a few good sandles and other footwear, in case it breaks, no fear Australia Perth has it all, for any occasion.

As far as safety is concerned , there is enough safety measures intact.

You are not allowed to take certain foods, clothing, footwear to Australia, check with your nearest Home Affairs Office to find out what you will be allowed to take with on your journey there.




A Trip To Bali

Did you ever go  overseas, maybe to Bali, to experience the water parks and resorts.Oh, the food is mouth watering , anything will do.Then there’s the beach, nice and warm, one of the most beautiful sites of Bali.

Why don’t you shop till you drop at the hawkers mall or shopping mall, also not so far away.There is always Taxi’s available whenever you need one. YOU’LL feel like a millionaire once you convert all your South African Rands to Rupiahs. 500 rupiahs are equivalent to 50 South African Rands.

The temperature can go over 40 Degrees Celsius, due to volcanic eruptions. Take caution not to take a hotel close to the volcano.

If you need to relax their are plenty of masseuse available at the hotel or along side the road, to different destinations.

Be sure to pack a good pair of sandles;a water bottle for clean spring water, attainable at shops near you and light clothing and enough money to buy tin fish and other items.