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FlySafair WhatsApp Checkin

FlySafair passengers are now able to receive their boarding passes via WhatsApp.

With the increased popularity in WhatsApp this makes it easier for passengers to receive and use their boarding pass.

FlySafair now has four ways to receive an electronic boarding pass: Print, email, download and WhatsApp.

A Trip To Australia Perth


Have you ever been overseas, maybe to Australia Perth to experience the water parks, outdoor activities and indoor activities. Boy,oh boy, you’ll never be bored here.

Different Cuisines that will knock your socks off and there’s also take-out to to chill those taste buds,lol.

The weather ranges from 35-over 43 Degree Celsius. Cry for ice-cream every time, “Gelato” has it all.

Always remember to pack a few good sandles and other footwear, in case it breaks, no fear Australia Perth has it all, for any occasion.

As far as safety is concerned , there is enough safety measures intact.

You are not allowed to take certain foods, clothing, footwear to Australia, check with your nearest Home Affairs Office to find out what you will be allowed to take with on your journey there.




A Trip To Bali

Did you ever go  overseas, maybe to Bali, to experience the water parks and resorts.Oh, the food is mouth watering , anything will do.Then there’s the beach, nice and warm, one of the most beautiful sites of Bali.

Why don’t you shop till you drop at the hawkers mall or shopping mall, also not so far away.There is always Taxi’s available whenever you need one. YOU’LL feel like a millionaire once you convert all your South African Rands to Rupiahs. 500 rupiahs are equivalent to 50 South African Rands.

The temperature can go over 40 Degrees Celsius, due to volcanic eruptions. Take caution not to take a hotel close to the volcano.

If you need to relax their are plenty of masseuse available at the hotel or along side the road, to different destinations.

Be sure to pack a good pair of sandles;a water bottle for clean spring water, attainable at shops near you and light clothing and enough money to buy tin fish and other items.


All New Zealand Offshore Offices And Pretoria Immigration Office To Close

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Immigration New Zealand(INZ) has come to the aide to many customers who supported them in the past and present years. The New Online Visa Processing has changed the immigration industry by storm.Unfortunately, the INZ has stopped visa processing in Bangkok, Manila, Washington DC, Pretoria and Dubai this takes effect by April. Immigration Contact Centres are  in place at: 0508 558 855 (NZ landline only) or on: +64 9 914 4100 (overseas or mobile).

Water Rationing, Supply Interruptions in Cape Town

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Near to the beginning of last year, water shortages rose drastically which gave Cape Town hope for better results for its water restrictions. A lot of measurements are now in place to help water users to overcome droughts. It is known that now the city of Cape Town says,” water users must expect water rationing, which could lead to water supply disruptions.” This however, has no effect on domestic travel to Cape Town.

Eyewitness news warned that the disruptions if usage is above the required levels during peak water usage times, which are in the mornings between 5am-9am and evenings between 5 pm- 9storpm. This means, an allowance will be for water to everyone and the duration of outages will depend on the water usages for the area ,  which should be in the water restriction levels. Services will be restored once the demand decreases within the limitations of the level 5 water restrictions .Most recent water interruptions took place in CBD, Maitland and Paarden Eisland from 10pm last Friday (November 10) to 10am the following day.

Cape Town dam levels are at 38.5%, with usable water at 28.5%.  Xanthea Limberg, from the City of  Cape Town’s  said by reducing water usage remains the most vital intervention to help see the city through the summer ahead.