Q1:How do we travellers get educated about our destinations?

A1:We learn through our travel agents and people who have traveled alot.

Q2:Do we (holiday makers) always think that we know better after talking to other people or doing our own research on places we would like to go to?

A2:Yes, why not, because the more information the better. Why not share that information with a travel agent and a call centre. A call centre agent does not have the added information you have to offer.This is the reason why clients become frustrated with the call centre agent. The call centre agent does not always have on his/ her hands to follow-up on information you have researched on. So get educated today and share that information with us at Book Cheap Flights(bookcheapflights.co.za.). Just e-mail us we would like to share information with you.

Q3:What is wrong with the questions I ask my call centre agent/a travel professional ?

A3:Not alot, but we do need to remember the person on the other side( call centre agent) has a limited time on the phone to answer all other calls too. Now this is a helpful tip to do, before you call a call centre agent. Firstly, jot down the questions on a piece of paper, that you would like to ask the call centre agent/a travel professional. Don’t forget that, the other person on the other side of the line might not have a high vocabulary like you do, so please keep the questions short and sweet.

Q4:How do I get information to access the best rates, and often also to comps or food & beverage or spa credit or how to find a room?

A4:It’s simple, Book Cheap Flights (bookcheapflights.co.za.). And search our website for the information you need. As most websites shows no availability of rooms during your travel dates.Here at Book Cheap Flights (bookcheapflights.co.za.) we connect you to airlines and hotels that will avail their services to you and make your stay as a memorable one you and for your loved one’s who will never forgets Book Cheap flights Experience.

Q5:How to ask about dietary restrictions?

A5:Noting an increase in queries regarding dining options and food allergies, many agents have accrued a more in-depth knowledge of hotels and cruise lines that cater to individual health requirements, so they can recommend the best option for each client. Here at Book Cheap Flights (bookcheapflights.co.za) we provide you the best options all under one roof.

Q6:Without a travel agent or call centre agent, what can go wrong?

A6:There can be minor glitches to major disasters. Change in flights ; lost routes with hotels in a foreign cities you can barely pronounce and because you were late you had to re book your hotel room. What about lost luggage and you don’t even have a translator to communicate with the people there. Only here at Book Cheap Flights(bookcheapflights.co.za) we offer all you need for your trip whenever and where ever you would like to stay.

Six Things A Travel Agent knows that Customers do not

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