Time has flown, it is already one year since FlySafair took flight in South Africa. Their maiden flight was on the 16th October 2014.

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FlySafair started with routes between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Cape Town, Port Elizabeth. Since then they have added 6 more routes.

So what difference has FlySafair made:

  1. Baggage free travel, reducing the cost of flights
  2. 95% of departures happening within ACSA’s 15 minute grace period
  3. 39% Reduction in air fares (charging for baggage makes a difference, so I do not know how accurate this is though)
  4. It costs R150 per bag on FlySafair (currently)
  5. Priority Boarding at R50

As of the 25th October FlySafair will introduce its new routes:

  • Durban and Johannesburg
  • Durban and Cape Town
  • East London and Johannesburg
  • East London and Cape Town.

Let us see what Birthday specials they might have for us.



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FlySafair Celebrates One Year of Operations

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