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Today (Thursday 17 March 2016) Kulula.com has announced a one day only sale. Prices of flights are starting from R621.

The sale is valid for today only and excludes the Cape Town -> Johannesburg route.


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Kulula Sale - From R621

Special Duration: Thursday 17 March 2016

Travel Period: 6 April until 10 June 2016

Please note that for certain routes the travel period differs. Details are:

Cape Town -> Durban: From 6 April

Johannesburg -> Durban:  From 15 April

Johannesburg -> George: From 9 April


How Real is this Sale?

BookCheapFlights aims to provide accurate and valuable information to our customers. In an attempt to do this we would like to introduce “The Real Index”. We choose random dates and compare the prices to see how real this sale is:

[table caption=”Kulula Sale” width=”500″ colwidth=”40|100|50″ colalign=”center|center|center|center|center|center”]
Date,Origin,Destination,Kulula Price,Closest Competitor, Closest Competitor Price
13 April,Cape Town,Durban,R723,FlySafair,R548
22 April,Cape Town,Durban,R2137,FlySafair,R668
12 April,Johannesburg,George,R723,FlySafair,R668
18 April,Johannesburg,Durban,R621,FlySafair,R568


Real Index – 3/5

The reason for the 3 is that selected flights are close to the FlySafair prices, given that FlySafair charges R150 per piece of checked in luggage. This makes the prices very similar to each other. Again with all of these deals it is worth checking out for dates that suite you.


Kulula.com Sale Restrictions

Not available on the busy Cape Town to Johannesburg route.

Price applicable to one-way

Baggage allowance included

Kulula.com Sale – Flights From R621

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