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As a result of the global coronavirus outbreak and some of the travel restrictions in place, our official booking engine, Travelstart is here to help alleviate the stress that our customers might be having about an upcoming trip. 

Many of our customers have questions regarding changes to current bookings or how to book future trips. We would like to explain some of the options available.

Options Available

  1. Date Change – Change the date you were going to fly to another date in the future (not always available)
  2. Suspend – This is almost like pausing the ticket and choosing a date in the future (not always available)
  3. Cancel – Normally the last resort, in most cases you do not get all your money back (not always available)

Get More Information

Our number one priority during this time is to ensure that our customers have absolute peace of mind. Our booking engine partner will keep you informed and facilitate any changes, cancellations, refunds, travel advice and postponements of travel plans as needed. 

We have a dedicated landing page to provide airline updates, Covid-19 updates, changes and go-to information that we encourage you to visit: https://www.travelstart.co.za/lp/safe-travel

Please note these are general options and each airline has there own rules on whether they permit or charge for these changes.

Travel Safe

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