381 cases of cholera have been reported in the country, of which four have been fatal.
The Rosebank Travel Clinic has advised all travellers to Kenya to get their yellow fever vaccination before they depart their country and to prevent getting cholera, exercise caution, including not drinking water from public sources, not using ice in drinks, eating only cooked food and avoiding uncooked and foods like salads, which are often washed under tap water which could be contaminated.
Hotels and eateries are also inspected by the Kenyan Ministry of Health, to urgently carry out medical examination to all food handlers in a bid to prevent the further spread of cholera in Nairobi.
Government officials have also banned the outsourcing of food by hotels and other meeting venues from unlicensed or un-inspected premises or individual suppliers who have not met new health requirements.
The Ministry has also banned the sale and cooking of food on streets until the crisis is resolved.


Cholera Hits Nairobi, Travelers Please Take Caution

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