The front  office staff of home affairs are dealing with failure to resolve a dispute over working hours. The strike concerns applications for high load of travel documents.

A spokesman of the department said,” they are looking for contingency plans in case of shutdown.These will affect all other government officials to come and support this course. They expect ports of entry to be severely affected.”

One contingency plan that the department implemented in 2004, was Saturday work and overtime was paid. Now From 2010 to 2014, we implemented a day-off for Saturday work, with officials allowed to take a day-off on any day of the week. This dispensation posed serious challenges with departments operating on limited personnel.” Since then the DHA suggested that officials be granted a day-off on Wednesdays for every Saturday worked. The DG explained: We are not in a financial position to consider and accede to the demand for overtime pay.”


Home Affairs staff threatens national shutdown

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