Voyager Miles are free miles given to frequent travellers for example South African Airway offers this programme as they may expire on 31 March 2017.Now you can benefit when you travel by aeroplane with SAA’s Premier Rewards Programme.

SAA encourages all voyager members to donate their expiring miles to charity(i.e. The Reach for a Dream Foundation). Last year, members donated 27 486 938 Miles valued at R2,2m, which went a long way towards easing the lives of those benefiting from the generosity and kind-heartedness of our members.  And what a very nice way to put it, but when are these miles applicable to members. Is this when they(travellers) are off holiday season and wished they also had the opportunity to use these miles themselves when they were on holiday. Then, SAA offers travellers the option of redeeming in another way. Spending options for non-airline awards include car rental, spa vouchers, retail awards and more.

On how to redeem accumulated Miles, members can visit the airline’s website(i.e. Http://



SAA warns Voyager Miles will expire soon!!

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