As many of you may be aware Skywise Airlines flights have been suspended by ACSA on Wednesday 02/12/2015.

This was due to unpaid Airport fees for landing and taking off  at its airports. The total outstanding is in the region of R8 Million. More information on this story can be found here.

The suspension will be lifted as soon as payment arrangements have been made.

Have you made a Skywise booking?

Steps to Take:

  1. If payment was made by Credit Card, call your bank and request a reversal of the payment (probably the best way to get your money back)
  2. If you purchased “Airline Liquidation” insurance contact Hepstar on: 011 991 8419 or
  3. If payment was made in cash / eft contact Skywise on: 010 100 3601 or 011 991 8419 for a refund

Points to Consider:

  1. It more than likely that flights will be resumed shortly
  2. If you made a booking in the medium distant future it might not be affected
  3. It is unfortunate for a company to go through this, we hope Skywise is able to pull through this

If you have made a Skywise booking on our site, our booking engine Travelstart has decided to honourthese bookings to the best of its ability.

Skywise Grounded - Suspended

Should you have any queries or require any assistance with bookings made on our site contact the call center  on 0861 878 278 / is Safe, Reliable and Cheap

Skywise Flights Suspended – Steps to Take

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