The St. Helena Government is requesting a proposal of air service to the island.  They want to award a contract to one or more carriers to provide a minimum once-a-week flight to St Helena from an international hub airport or an airport with direct connections to the UK or South Africa.

There will also be a contract of service between St Helena and Ascension Island.

RMS St Helena currently operates a service from Cape Town to St Helena. Rodger says Airlink’s proposal is expected to replace it with flights between Cape Town and St Helena.

Runway 02 will be used to operate the new service. Runway 20 will be used, since wind conditions differ and will require an operator to use an aircraft type capable of landing under these conditions,

In 2015, Comair was awarded the contract for air servicing between Johannesburg and St Helena. Due to turbulence and wind shear, flights to be used by runway 20 were suspended.

The St.Helena Government is still looking for a tender to fill the air service using runway 20 in the future. They don’t want runway 20 to go unused.

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St.Helena to attract new air service

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