Near to the beginning of last year, water shortages rose drastically which gave Cape Town hope for better results for its water restrictions. A lot of measurements are now in place to help water users to overcome droughts. It is known that now the city of Cape Town says,” water users must expect water rationing, which could lead to water supply disruptions.” This however, has no effect on domestic travel to Cape Town.

Eyewitness news warned that the disruptions if usage is above the required levels during peak water usage times, which are in the mornings between 5am-9am and evenings between 5 pm- 9storpm. This means, an allowance will be for water to everyone and the duration of outages will depend on the water usages for the area ,  which should be in the water restriction levels. Services will be restored once the demand decreases within the limitations of the level 5 water restrictions .Most recent water interruptions took place in CBD, Maitland and Paarden Eisland from 10pm last Friday (November 10) to 10am the following day.

Cape Town dam levels are at 38.5%, with usable water at 28.5%.  Xanthea Limberg, from the City of  Cape Town’s  said by reducing water usage remains the most vital intervention to help see the city through the summer ahead.


Water Rationing, Supply Interruptions in Cape Town

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