Do you need a visa to travel anywhere in South Africa?

No, only if you are a south african citizen.

Do you need a visa to travel outside south africa?

Yes. Outside meaning  africa and overseas.

What is a visa?

It is a permit to allow a person to stay for  a certain amount of days in a country. Home affairs will give you needed forms to complete at a fee. A visa can expire too, so you do need to renew your visa, whenever you need to when travelling to other countries.

Who or what is home affairs?

It is a group of people that helps the general public and foreigners to gain access to other countries. It also a place where you can get an ID(Identity Document) ; passport and a visa when you decide to travel abroad. All three documents are essential when travelling overseas.

What are e-visas?

An electronic –visa, which you can gain access to, using the internet.

What is the website of home affairs?

What is the importance of a Visa

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